Samurai Showdown 5 Special


Game Specific Info

Game IDsamsh5sp
Original ROM
SHA256 Checksumadf33d8a02f3d900b4aa95e62fb21d9278fb920b179665b12a489bd39a6c103d
Search KeywordsSAMURAI SHODOWN V SPECIAL, samurai-shodown-v-special, 100347, wowroms
Game Resolution
(H X W X C)
224px X 320px X 3
Number of Moves and Attack Actions9, 11 (5)
Moves (0-8): No-Move, Left, Left+Up, Up, Up+Right, Right, Right+Down, Down, Down+Left
Attacks (0-10): No-Attack, Weak Slash, Medium Slash, Kick, Meditation, Weak Slash + Medium Slash (Strong Slash), Medium Slash + Kick (Surprise Attack), Weak Slash + Kick, Kick + Meditation, Weak Slash + Medium Slash + Kick (Rage), Medium Slash + Kick + Meditation
Max Difficulty (1P Mode)8
Number of Characters (Selectable)28 (28)
Max Number of Outfits4
Number of Stages (1P Mode)7

Specific Episode Settings

Game Settings

KeyTypeDefault Value(s)Value Range
difficultyNone U intNone[1, 8]

Player Settings

KeyTypeDefault Value(s)Value Range
characters*None U str U tuple of maximum three strNoneKyoshiro, Jubei, Hanzo, Enja, Amakusa, Suija, Galford, Charlotte, Kusare, Sogetsu, Gaira, Ukyo, Yoshitora, Gaoh, Haohmaru, Genjuro, Shizumaru, Kazuki, Tamtam, Rasetsumaru, Rimururu, Mina, Zankuro, Nakoruru, Rera, Yunfei, Basara, Mizuki
outfits*int1[1, 4]

*: must be provided as tuples of two elements (for agent_0 and agent_1 respectively) when using the environments in two players mode.

Action Spaces

TypeSpace Size (Number of Actions)
Discrete9 (moves) + 11 (attacks) - 1 (no-op counted twice) = 19
MultiDiscrete9 (moves) X 11 (attacks) = 99

Observation Space

Some examples of Samurai Showdown 5 Special RAM states


frameBox[0, 255] X [224 X 320 X 3]Latest game frame (RGB pixel screen)
stageBox[1, 7]Current stage of the game
timerBox[0, 60]Round time remaining

Player specific

sideDiscrete (Binary)[0, 1]Side of the stage where the player is
0: Left, 1: Right
winsBox[0, 3]Number of rounds won by the player
characterDiscrete[0, 27]Index of character in use
0: Kyoshiro, 1: Jubei, 2: Hanzo, 3: Enja, 4: Amakusa, 5: Suija , 6: Galford, 7: Charlotte, 8: Kusare, 9: Sogetsu, 10: Gaira, 11: Ukyo, 12: Yoshitora, 13: Gaoh, 14: Haohmaru, 15: Genjuro, 16: Shizumaru, 17: Kazuki, 18: Tamtam, 19: Rasetsumaru, 20: Rimururu, 21: Mina, 22: Zankuro, 23: Nakoruru, 24: Rera, 25: Yunfei, 26: Basara, 27: Mizuki
healthBox[0, 125]Health bar value
rage_onDiscrete (Binary)[0, 1]Rage on for the player
0: False, 1: True
rage_used<a href=“htaction_moveDiscrete
action_attackDiscrete[0, 7]Index of latest attack action performed (no-attack, hold, punch, etc.)
weapon_lostDiscrete (Binary)[0, 1]Weapon lost by the player
0: False, 1: True
weapon_fightDiscrete (Binary)[0, 1]Weapon fight condition triggered
0: False, 1: True
rage_barBox[0, 100]Rage bar value
weapon_barBox[0, 120]Weapon bar value
power_barBox[0, 64]Power bar value