Street Fighter III 3rd Strike


Game Specific Info

Game IDsfiii3n
Original ROM
SHA256 Checksum7239b5eb005488db22ace477501c574e9420c0ab70aeeb0795dfeb474284d416
Search KeywordsSTREET FIGHTER III 3RD STRIKE: FIGHT FOR THE FUTUR [JAPAN] (CLONE), street-fighter-iii-3rd-strike-fight-for-the-futur-japan-clone, 106255, wowroms
Game Resolution
(H X W X C)
224px X 384px X 3
Number of Moves and Attack Actions9, 10 (7)
Moves (0-8): No-Move, Left, Left+Up, Up, Up+Right, Right, Right+Down, Down, Down+Left
Attacks (0-9): No-Attack, Low Punch, Medium Punch, High Punch, Low Kick, Medium Kick, High Kick, Low Punch+Low Kick, Medium Punch+Medium Kick, High Punch+High Kick
Max Difficulty (1P Mode)8
Number of Characters (Selectable)20 (19)
Max Number of Outfits7
Number of Stages (1P Mode)10

Specific Episode Settings

Game Settings

KeyTypeDefault Value(s)Value Range
difficultyNone U intNone[1, 8]

Player Settings

KeyTypeDefault Value(s)Value Range
characters*None U str U tuple of maximum three strNoneAlex, Twelve, Hugo, Sean, Makoto, Elena, Ibuki, Chun-Li, Dudley, Necro, Q, Oro, Urien, Remy, Ryu, Gouki, Yun, Yang, Ken
outfits*int1[1, 7]
Additional Player Settings
KeyTypeDefault Value(s)Value RangeDescription
super_art*None U intNone[1, 3]Selects the type of super move.
1-2-3: Super move 1-2-3

*: must be provided as tuples of two elements (for agent_0 and agent_1 respectively) when using the environments in two players mode.

Action Spaces

TypeSpace Size (Number of Actions)
Discrete9 (moves) + 10 (attacks) - 1 (no-op counted twice) = 18
MultiDiscrete9 (moves) X 10 (attacks) = 90

Observation Space

Some examples of Street Fighter III RAM states


KeyTypeValue RangeDescription
frameBox[0, 255] X [224 X 384 X 3]Latest game frame (RGB pixel screen)
stageBox[1, 10]Current stage of the game
timerBox[0, 100]Round time remaining

Player specific

KeyTypeValue RangeDescription
sideDiscrete (Binary)[0, 1]Side of the stage where the player is
0: Left, 1: Right
winsBox[0, 2]Number of rounds won by the player
characterDiscrete[0, 19]Index of character in use
0: Alex, 1: Twelve, 2: Hugo, 3: Sean, 4: Makoto, 5: Elena, 6: Ibuki, 7: Chun-Li, 8: Dudley, 9: Necro, 10: Q, 11: Oro, 12: Urien, 13: Remy, 14: Ryu, 15: Gouki, 16: Yun, 17: Yang, 18: Ken, 19: Gill
healthBox[-1, 160]Health bar value
stun_barBox[0, 72]Stun bar value
stunnedDiscrete (Binary)[0, 1]Stunned flag
super_barBox[0, 128]Super bar value
super_typeDiscrete[0, 2]Selected type of super move
0-1-2: Super Type 1-2-3
super_countBox[0, 3]Count of activated super moves
super_maxBox[1, 3]Maximum number of activated super moves