This section contains a collection of projects that have been developed using DIAMBRA.

If you want to add yours, you can fork the docs repo and submit a Pull Request or get in touch on our Discord server and send us the material.

Project List

LLM Colosseum

Evaluate Large Language Models (LLM) quality by having them fight in realtime in Street Fighter III. Who is the best? OpenAI or MistralAI? Let them fight! Open source code and ranking.
MARL - League Training

This project is a proof of concept that customizes Tencent AI TLeague, a framework for Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning based on distributed competitive self-play, and applies it to DIAMBRA Environments.
RLZ Tournament

In 2021, we organized the very first AI Tournament leveraging DIAMBRA. It has been organized in collaboration with Reinforcement Learning Zurich (RLZ), a community of researchers, data scientists and...
Game Painter

This project is an experiment that applies in real-time the style of famous paintings to popular fighting retro games, which are provided as Reinforcement Learning environments by DIAMBRA.